COVID-19 Means You Can Still Get Counseling, Just in a Different Way!

Aura Holistic Counseling is STILL open!

Due to the current pandemic, Telehealth services are being utilized at this time, as recommended by The Centers for Disease Control as well as The Department of Health & Human Services.

E-Therapy is not so new anymore but it is more and more common. Online counseling allows us to practice COVID-related safe behaviors. Therapy online is also practical as you can receive it anywhere you happen to be at the time! If you are looking for an online therapist, you are at the right place, as internet psychotherapy is beneficial for busy people as well as people who want to avoid exposure to the virus. Live chat counseling is especially safe and effective for couples and families who are sharing space under the same roof for longer than usual lately. Online mental health is also useful for people living alone. Right now, E-Counseling is something to consider, especially in the safety of your home. For those not comfortable with virtual therapy, phone therapy, may be your answer. Telephone counseling sessions allow you to talk to a counselor on the phone in the comfort of your home.

“IN-PERSON,” (face -to-face) counseling will be considered in the future based on recommendations from The Centers for Disease Control, The World Health Organization, and The Department of Health & Human Services.

All services can be provided effectively via telehealth:

  • Virtual Psychotherapeutic Services for Individuals, Couples, and Families
  • Online Individual Therapy
  • Internet Couples, Family, and Group Counseling
  • Virtual Hypnotherapy
  • Virtual EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
  • Online Sex Therapy
  • Internet Reiki and Energy Healing
  • Online Chakra Balancing and Energy Clearing
  • Online Past Life Regression
  • Online Spiritual Readings

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