When to seek out Marriage Counseling

6 Reasons to Consider Couples/Marriage Counseling

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  • When communication becomes negative, leaving one or both of you feeling judged, unsure about yourself / your relationship, or trivialized.
  • When there are power struggles in the relationship, almost as if you are no longer on the same team.
  • When there is infidelity.  Infidelity can be financial, emotional, or physical, and occurs whether or not the other partner is aware of the other’s indiscretion.
  • When your arguments keep repeating or are often about the same things.
  • When there are secrets you are unwilling to share with each other.
  • When intimacy or your sex life has changed over time and is now no longer satisfying to one or both of you.

If you believe you are experiencing one or more of the above seek the professional you deserve. Please reach out by calling Aura Holistic Counseling 804-346-4304.  We are here to help!

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