Is Aura Holistic Counseling Right for You?

Aura Holistic Counseling takes an approach that helps clients heal by evaluating the client and her/his life experiences during assessment and then treating the several dimensions of the human being. These dimensions are physical and spiritual as well as emotional and cognitive (psychological / mental).

Our counselors are licensed clinicians who help with the following:

Cognitive (Psychological / Mental Dimensions): Our holistic therapists have been trained and licensed in various mental health fields.  As a result, you will find our counselors to be social workers, psychologists, sex therapists, and mental health counselors.  These licensed clinicians believe the best way to help the client is by integrating traditional interventions such as individual counseling, couple counseling, hypnotherapy and EMDR with holistic treatment modalities such as Reiki.

Spiritual Dimension: Our holistic therapists are trained to integrate spiritual work such as Chakra Balancing and healing into the counseling environment.  Most clients may already have their own sense of spirituality or religion, and their belief systems are upheld during treatment.

Physical Dimension: Our holistic therapists determine how the physical body is affected by the client’s reported issue(s).  The licensed clinician will then determine what treatment modalities may be utilized, such as energy work, suggestions of yoga, meditation or other exercise, as well as help the client meet nutritional requirements.

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